About Gregg and Dianne

Dr. Gregg Stroud has enjoyed a very diverse background, both professionally and academically. He started in the medical field, and then moved his focus of energy and interest to the not-for-profit and the for-profit sector.

Years ago, he started his own business as a strategic planner helping individuals and corporate businesses develop strategic plans that yielded greater financial positioning for them. Though he still provides counsel to a few individual clients who he guides in the development of their personal six-digit income business plans. Gregg basically semi-retired from his own firm – a very successful consulting business.

Gregg also presently serves as the corporate executive and marketing architect for a multi-million dollar company whose unique service can be added to a company’s employee benefit portfolio. He has built and manages the company’s national sales force of Elite Benefit Specialists who work with new and existing client companies sized from sole proprietor to the Fortune 100s.

One of Gregg’s increasing passions has been that of philanthropy. Over the years, Gregg has served on the Board of Directors for a number of non-profit organizations while providing pro bono funding counsel for a select group of other non-profits. He has helped over sixty nonprofits attain funding in support of their mission goals. Those funding gifts ranged from several thousand dollars to one that exceeded $6 million.

Gregg’s academic studies are in the fields of medicine, business, philanthropy and theology. He has earned several Bachelors, two Master’s and a Doctorate. His most valued academic accomplishment is being one of the inaugural adult students in a Master of Arts program in Philanthropy and Development from St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN.

Until she was downsized in 2003 from corporate America, Dianne has always provided administrative support to executive management and leadership. Now, she is the core support and conservative balance for Gregg, their four children and their four young grandsons.

Gregg and Dianne are actively involved both in the field of corporate sales development and management. They consider themselves to be in a perfect situation and truly are an enviable team. Now, Gregg and Dianne spend almost all of their time together as white collar business professionals. They travel frequently and work out of their home office in a southern historic home in Camden, SC.