When you meet Dr. Gregg & Dianne Stroud you will quickly discover they are active practicing Christians; and, even though they've been together quite some time, it shows in the way they treat each other they are still very much in love (they are frequently called 'love birds' by people who meet them and by the folks who know them).  

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Fair Camelot, LLC  provides counsel for your business goals. If you don't have an active strategic business plan with action points that provide you or your business with guidance to reach your financial objectives, you may want to consider a no-cost consultation with Dr. Gregg Stroud to determine if their may be a fit.



Whether you're in the mood for a laugh or looking for a funny joke or story to break the ice in a group, you'll find it within Funny E-mails You Should Have Kept but Didn't. Dianne and I would love to send you a personally signed copy of our book. Get your copy direct from us ($35.00 includes s/h). Thank you!

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